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Please note: Our online store is currently accepting orders for LOCAL PICKUP AND DELIVERY ONLY (Hilo, Hawaii).  We will be adding US and International shipping soon.  Until then, you can arrange to have Mahilani products shipped by contacing us directly at or 808-987-3649.

What exactly does
“Tree-to-Bar” mean?

At Mahilani, we care for thousands of cacao trees, hand-pick the ripe pods, and process the beans in small batches at the farm.  After careful fermentation, drying, and aging, the beans are taken to our kitchen, where they are transformed into a variety of cacao and chocolate products.  

Each of our farm workers is involved in multiple stages of the process to increase continuity and deepen understanding. We continuously monitor and refine the entire process – from planting the tree to packaging the finished chocolates – so we can exceed expectations at every level.   

Really, Truly,
100% Single-Origin
Hawaiian Chocolate

At the simplest level, “single-origin chocolate” is made using cacao beans sourced from one place – sometimes a country or region, sometimes a location as specific as a single farm. The beans take on unique flavors and characteristics based on environmental factors like the soil, climate, and rainfall where it’s grown. This effect is known as terroir, similar to that found in wine or coffee.

Most artisanal chocolatiers create products labeled “single-origin” but then incorporate additional cocoa butter or cocoa powder from other locations. This common practice has resulted in debate about whether those chocolates can really be considered single-origin.

At Mahilani, we take things a step further. We make chocolates using only cacao beans harvested from our fields and processed on-site at the farm. And when additional cocoa butter or powder is needed, we make it ourselves from our own cacao beans. This guarantees that every single bit of cacao in our chocolates has come from trees growing at Mahilani, here on the slopes of Mauna Kea. We carefully craft delicious chocolate that is truly 100% Single-Origin in a way that is rare among chocolatiers here in Hawaii and across the country.

Wholesale Purchasing 

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