Farm Products

While cacao is the star of the show at Mahilani, we’ve got a variety of other projects underway on a smaller scale. 
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Cattle & Pasture

Mahilani leases over 300 acres of our pasture to local ranchers as grazing land for their cattle.  We also rotate our own herd, made up of about 50 cattle, through the pastures across our property.  These cattle help keep the land cleared of overgrowth and, over time, are building topsoil that was previously depleted from sugar cane production.


Sweet, juicy lychee will be in production at Mahilani in 2018.   We have over 600 trees reaching maturity and are continually planting more.  We are waiting in eager anticipation of these upcoming harvests.

Oil Palm

Mahilani’s 400 oil palms are beginning to produce, with seed bunches that weigh as much as 50 pounds each. These bunches are available for sale in their unprocessed state. We are looking into the possibility of using these oil palms to produce biodiesel that could be used to operate our farm machinery in an effort to move toward self-sustainability. 


We’ve got about 600 coffee trees and we take small batches of beans to Hilo Coffee Mill for processing.  In our gift shop, we offer our traditional whole-bean coffee and a unique sun-dried and naturally fermented version.  We also coat roasted beans in rich, dark chocolate for a delicious seasonally-available treat.  

Honey and Beeswax

Mahilani has a growing number of beehives scattered across the farm, and we harvest honey and beeswax from those hives throughout the year. Depending on the season, the honey features hints of macadamia or citrus blossoms from nearby farms.   Keep an eye out for our upcoming line of soaps and candles made using our beeswax.

Other Fruit Trees

We have a variety of “hobby crops” across the farm.  These small plantings include coffee, jaboticaba, surinam cherry, longon, banana, lilikoi, ‘ulu, coconut, and a variety of citrus.  Most of this produce is shared with our employees and neighbors, and provides visitors to the farm with a window into a wide variety of tropical fruits. We also incorporate these fruits into small batches of seasonal products available in our Visitor Center gift shop.