Visitor Center
& Gift Shop

Stop by our Visitor Center to pick up an informative map of the farm and to learn a bit about cacao and chocolate.  Relax on our expansive lanai, taking in the stunning view of Hilo Bay and the Pacific Ocean stretching to the horizon.  With Mauna Loa and Pu’u O’o to the south and Mauna Kea up above, there are sights to see in every direction.  Check out our “Sunken Garden” – a collapsed lava tube that houses a natural stream and is in the process of being planted with a variety of exotic flowers.

Before you go, choose the perfect souvenir from our selection of locally grown treats and handmade products.

The Visitor Center is open to the public from 9am – 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Guided Tours

Tours will be starting soon!  Check back for updates.

  Guests on our Guided Chocolate Tour are given access to private areas of the farm and learn about “tree-to-bar” chocolate-making.
Reservations recommended.  Contact us for our updated tour schedule or other information.


Stroll through our tropical fruit orchards, gardens, and greenhouses.  See antique farm machinery and vehicles, up close. Our friendly tour guides will share the history of the farm and teach you about cacao and our other crops.


Sample cacao at every stage of chocolate-making:  sweet fruity pulp from a freshly-picked pod, cacao nectar, dried beans, roasted nibs, and more.  Experience the way flavors develop from tree to bar.


Learn about the process of fermentation, roasting, and all of the equipment we use to turn our raw cacao into Mahilani chocolates.  See how cocoa butter and powder are made.